June 22nd  2019
 ASSIST 2nd Annual Youth Showcase Challenge
Scedules is now up 
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                      3 GAMES Guarantee

               3rd Grades   Team 9u
                 4th  Grades Team  10u
  5th Grades  Team  11u 
  6th  Grades   Team  12u 
  7th   Grades  Team  13 u 
8th Grades Team 14 u 
9th Grades Team 15 u 
10th Grades Team 16 u
11th Grades Team 17u 

1st Place WINNER of Each  Division
will receives a trophy !

Must Have Copy of all birth certificates on file 

To register  
email rosters including players  name of team 
name  with date of birth and  And Youth Team information  
to greatprogramasa@aol.com

Registration Deadline 
June  18th 2019 


Check or Money Order can be made to ASSIST Student Athletes 
Please send to 1517 Huguenot Rd Suite 203 Richmond VA 23113   

Call  804-397-3261 for more information

will be covering the event

Admission  $10.00 

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